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Alaina Kristar

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It takes a while for petite, all-natural honey Alaina Kristar to get comfortable around someone she doesn't know, but it's definitely worth the wait! This slender and cute brunette is the first to admit that she's usually very shy, preferring camping and fishing out in the woods to meeting new people in the city. You might think that becoming a porn starlet would be a strange choice for such a reserved babe, but if you're lucky enough to really get to know Alaina, you'll realize it's exactly where she belongs. Alaina laughs, "Only the ones that are closest to me know how much of a freak I really am!" In fact, this quiet cutie has a mind that's always in the gutter, so whenever she's not getting fucked in her tight pussy and taking huge loads in her mouth, Alaina is usually fantasizing about the next time she'll get her hands on some dick! Start getting acquainted with this sexy spinner now and watch Alaina's true nympho nature emerge in the scenes below!

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