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Sammie Six

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Getting cute and smoking hot in the same package isn't easy, but tatted-up babe Sammie Sixx and her adorably squeaky voice somehow manages to be both. Life in Denver was simple and slow, something teenage Sammie wanted desperately to change. When a party she was at quickly turned from boring chit-chat to her swallowing a hot cumshot in full view of everyone in attendance, this fit hottie tapped into her innate sexual nature. The residual pleasure from that night stuck with Sammie so she finally quit her job as a hairdresser and pursue her new love of fucking full-time. Almost immediately after marching those perfect bouncy tits and tight as into the world of adult entertainment, the wide-eyed cutie won "Best Girl/Girl" at the Inked Awards - giving her the resolve to seek out porn greatness. With a twinkle in her deep blue eyes and a mouth that loves to please, Sammie Sixx is ready to suck, fuck, and swallow her way to porn stardom!

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