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Sophie Anderson

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Legendary Bristol Slut. Sex-driven nymphomaniac. Happy, horny, and bubbly. These are all ways Sophie Anderson has described herself, and she is all that, and so much more! A blonde babe with big, fake tits and a wicked smile, Sophie loves life, fun, and most importantly, sex. Sophie has a fetish for public sex in particular, and boasts about having sex in parking lots, at bus stations, and in parks. One time at a bus station, Sophie was waiting for the bus when she got horny. She saw a couple of guys standing nearby, so she started to flash her ass and play with her pussy right in front of them! The two guys took out their cocks, then wanked all over her face and big tits. Sophie got a mouthful, then got onto the bus covered in their cum! An anecdote that describes Sophie to a tee, you're not going to want to miss a single one of these filthy slut's scenes.

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