1PON-100413_001 Desire of a married woman

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Upset about her husband's erectile dysfunction, every time Hojo had sexual desires, he flatly refused. Frustrated, she wanted to look for something new. Luckily, she didn't have to look any further, the company she was working for was the ideal place to start a new secret relationship. Even though the lewd boss is married, people are often bored with what they already have and want to find something new than before, so he always paid attention and showed sexual and provocative signs. having sex every time she went to work, perhaps this was also the reason why she chose him as her ideal target to satisfy her needs. Desire and lust aroused strongly in her soul, she went to her boss to experience a feeling of happiness and contentment that she had never felt before when living with her husband.

1PON-100413_001 Desire of a married woman

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