RBD-728 Female cashier and asshole boss

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Female employee - Rina Ishihara, works for a cashier company. She fell in love with an employee who worked at the same company. Their relationship was very loving and stable until the lewd director noticed her. He always found ways to meet and take over. took her body but failed because her boyfriend always followed to protect and take care of her. One day, the boss called the two of them to his room. He used the excuse of work to blame the two and kicked her boyfriend out of the room. Realizing the opportunity had come, he rushed in to rape her even though she fought back fiercely, but it was ineffective. After that, she intended to quietly let it go, but she didn't expect that her boss wouldn't stop. This time he came into her house and continued to force her to have sex with him. He threatened her that she would lose her job if she didn't let him, so she had to endure it sadly.

RBD-728 Female cashier and asshole boss

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