Seeing you in a nightgown makes me unbearable

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I'm a home sales consultant - a hot profession in the area where I live. This job is nothing new to me and is even very boring. Most of the time I just go to customers' homes to advise and introduce products to them and then receive mainly outright refusals to buy. . Until one day I met female customer Sumire, who made me discover new things in my work but also a dark corner that few people know about. As soon as I entered her house, what caught my eye was a nightgown that was so short and thin that I could see her smooth white skin through the fabric. It made me lose focus and I could only mumble a few introductory sentences but it was enough for her to know what I was saying. Unexpectedly, Sumire came up with a very crazy idea, that I could help her satisfy her physiological needs and then agree to buy the product I introduced. This is truly a lucky day for me.

Seeing you in a nightgown makes me unbearable

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