The pervert and his plan to rape his neighbor

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Meguri lives happily with her beloved husband. Meguri was living an extremely happy life with her husband who always loved and cared for her when the photo suddenly disappeared. Especially when the door lock is broken and you ask a repairman to fix it, you will run out of parts and it will take a whole week to fix it. This makes Meguri very worried and insecure. And what she feared most was that on the day of ovulation, she forgot to close the door and rushed back. Suddenly, a masked man attacks Meguri from behind. Meguri, who begged desperately and could not resist with force, had no choice but to watch her plump beautiful body “penetrate” and ejaculate into her uterus! This man also took photos of the two having sex and threatened to post them online if Meguri revealed them. I breathed a sigh of relief because my period came regularly. It's been a month but this name won't appear again. A masked man appeared on Meguri's ovulation day when she was trying to forget everything. He continued fucking her and ejaculated in her uterus and left. So he shows up once a month to receive them. Meguri wondered who this mysterious man who always made her feel scared and happy was. And when he spoke to her, she recognized his voice. The same person who fixed her house key before!!! The pervert's rape plan

The pervert and his plan to rape his neighbor

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