The story of the plumber

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Bambino's sink was broken so he called the plumbing company. Because it was a special customer, the plumbing company sent its top employee and the sexy girl was Valentina Nappi, a plumber with Extremely attractive model-like body. With big tits and a big round ass, Bambino is definitely glad that they sent such a beautiful woman to do the dirty work! Valentina Nappi entered the kitchen wearing a tight denim overall and a clear view of her plump ass. Expert Valentina walked into the kitchen, eager to get to work, she went straight to the broken water pipe and got to work. With her plump buttocks Bambino can't take his eyes off, when Valentina Nappi asks him about the key, she's surprised to see him masturbating her right clit behind her back! She stood up and slapped Bambino and said in his ear, "Do you want to clean this pipe of yours first?" And she took off her bib and lifted her shirt to show off her big, round breasts. To show her customers that not only is she the company's top plumber, she also knows how to make love very well, and the two of them led each other into the bedroom and fucked each other very hard, until Valentina Nappi felt like she was So she continued with her main job, she told him she was going to fix it while fucking and repairing it. By the time he ejaculated, she had finished her plumbing job and left with a happy smile. . If the plumber is this attractive and has a hot body, even if it's not broken, I still want to call her to come fix it, right? :]]

The story of the plumber

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