Next to the younger sister's beauty

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Jade and her friend Bunny Colby are ready to hit the pool, but unfortunately for them, Winter's stepbrother Michael Swayze has other ideas. Winter and Michael's parents are both out of town, and they have left Michael in charge. He emphasizes that girls need to do their chores before they can have fun. He is a tough taskmaster, instructing the girls in each of their tasks without even letting them change into their swimsuits. She puts herself out there, flirting with Michael in an attempt to get him to ease up on them. Lifting up her shirt, she showed him her big breasts. Then she gives him a blowjob. He couldn't refuse his favorite child, so he just put up resistance before letting Bunny have his way. She’ is happily sucking Michael off when Winter walks in and catches them in the act. It took some quick talking, but Bunny eventually convinced Winter to join in on the premise that keeping Michael happy would get them to the pool faster

Next to the younger sister's beauty

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