JUY-670 Poor husband Shinoda Yuu

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JUY-670 My Wife Is Being Fucked By Another Man... - Relentless Cuckold Sex - The movie is about a poor husband who marries a promiscuous wife, Yu Shinoda. It was also because the husband was in his forties and the wife was in her early twenties that this happened. The story begins with the husband's strange dreams. He kept dreaming about his wife being fucked by another guy, so he was often worried, had trouble sleeping, and his health was deteriorating all the time. Because of that, he didn't have the strength to fuck his wife, which made her very sad, but she didn't know what to do. Then one day, a window cleaner came to the couple's house to clean. At a glance, the window cleaner knew that this wife was not having enough sex. His eyes were full of excitement, making him very excited and.. .

JUY-670 Poor husband Shinoda Yuu

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Shinoda Yuu 


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