[SSPD-124] Tennis teacher Rina Ishihara

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SSPD-124 Written By: Ran Midoh Female Teacher Tennis Club Dorm Slave. It's been a long time since the rape movie but I have to share it with you guys because it's quite good by idol Ishihara Rina with the participation of Abeno Miku and Suzukawa Ayane. The film is about a gifted tennis school that only trains female students. The head of the school is an old teacher. Every day, in addition to training his female students, at night he sneaks into their rooms to make fun of them. But it wasn't easy to make fun of him, he captured many cameras and threatened the little female students to obey and serve him. Then one day the school recruited more teachers and that was when Ms. Ishihara Rina arrived. From the first time they met, the old man was captivated by her beauty. In fact, she beat all the female students here. Of course, if he craves someone, it will be difficult for that person to escape. Let's wait and see whether our Rina will have the same fate as the other female students.

[SSPD-124] Tennis teacher Rina Ishihara

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